Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Open Letter to Dove

Dear friends,

Your campaign to save Indonesia's rainforests, the climate and the orang-utans that live there, starts here. Watch video below.

The palm oil industry is the problem.

We've made maps, videos and reports to identify the emergency facing the forests. Now we're turning to the company who needs to help stop the destruction: Unilever, the huge multinational corporation behind Dove soap and other household brands containing palm oil.

Unilever buys its palm oil from suppliers who destroy Indonesia's rainforests for their palm plantations, leading to further climate change and killing orang-utans and other endangered species in the process. By their own admission, Unilever is the biggest single user of palm oil in the world, which is why they can't wash their hands now of this problem. We mustn't let them.
A truly responsible company would not buy from suppliers who trash forests. But Unilever needs to be moved into action, which is what the international Dove campaign is about.

To sign the open letter to Dove link here:

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