Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wood Museum (Xylarium)

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Sometime in August 2006, they said a wood museum will be built by mid 2007 at Crag Hotel, Penang.

Now, it was announced that the wood museum will be incorporated at the Penang Forestry Museum. This should have be the obvious choice from the beginning. Anyway, it was a wise decision to incorporate it at the Penang Forestry Museum.

I would wonder about the wastage on our taxpayers’ money spent on cleanup and beautification of Crag Hotel for the 2.5m project.

Forestry Department should be the custodian for forests – plants, trees, herbs and conservation. It makes more sense that Wildlife Department should be the custodian for wildlife.
But in Bolehland, Reptile Farm will be found in Forestry Museum. Forestry’s staffs will have little time for forest management. Pity them. Beside the high cost of maintaining the reptiles, the focus on forestry will be lacking. Reptiles will die. Pity them.

When I was there in August 2007, the herbs garden at the Forestry Museum was in a deplorable state. Go there and look for yourself.

The mini bird park at the Forestry Museum is another example. The cage was beyond repair. No birds were seen. Perhaps already cooked in curry. Pity them.

Pity them (staffs, reptiles & birds).
But who cares - Beasts Are Beasts.
BTW, pity us (taxpayers) too, our money wasted by incompetent elected representatives.


pipit said...

Actually I prefer the wood museum to be in Penang Hill. It is within easy reach of main population centre while Teluk Bahang is mainly for the tourists in Batu Ferringhi. It would have been nice to hike up Penang Hill and visit the museum as a regular activity on week ends. As for difference between Forestry and Wild Life - none to me. They are both incompetent and uncaring bureaucrats looking for big budgets to spend public money. eg. RM30 for screwdriver or maybe RM500 for a signpost, etc. We are being screwed daily. hehehe! Can laugh some more one ah?

Admin said...

I believe by incorporating into the Forestry Museum, there will be less mamomth structures at Penang Hill. Beside at the Forestry Museum there are less environment damage as compare to the fragile-steep-slope at Crag Hotel. Convenient for some but damaging to the environment - I believe environment should come first before conveniences.