Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Penang Canopy Walk - July 2007

Good News - The Penang Canopy Walkway was reopened on July 15.

Entrance is now RM5 per adult and RM3 per child.

The walkway, 327m above ground level, was built by the Public Works Department (JKR) and opened to the public in October 2002. It was misteriously closed in September 2005 siting the termite problems. Now, it seemed the JKR had been consulted to rectify the situation and had ensure the walkway was safe. Penang Tourism authority said the work was carried out 8 to 9 months ago to strengthen the ropes and certain connective points.

"Its SAFE"! But why was it not safe for the last 2 years???
The man on the left could have instrumented the reopening.
Do you know who is manning the canopy now? Its the man!

A concerned Penangite wrote to the STAR to question about the safety.
Nothing was seen to indicate repair work was done.

This is what it looks like today.

The starting point of the canopy walkway.
Nothing new.

I don't see any traces of termite.

On closer look at one of the tree, I could see that there wasn't any
indication of repair works- not even new ropes as was reported in
the newspaper.
Extracted from Star (Jul 2, 07) :- "Work was carried out eight to nine months ago
to strengthen the ropes and certain connective points,” ...
Look carefully - I don't see the layer of wooden blocks being loosen
for the tree to you can see the leaves litter and cobweb.
FYI, I have seen many canopy walkways being repaired.
You can see signs of work if repairs or maintenances are done.

The extended horizontal wooden beams were coated
with lichens. They were never replace.

Even the ropes are not new - being exposed to natural elements.
Are they safe?

This was the only sensible work I saw during my visit there.
The wooden flooring being expanded to accomodate the
growing tree trunk.

This picture was taken in Dec 2006.

The statement that repair works was done "8 to 9 months ago" was made on 17 Jul 07.
Canopy walkway reopened on 15 Jul 07.
Eight months before 17 Jul 07 should be 17 Nov 06.
So how can a picture taken on mid Dec 2006 still shows no sign of work???
The bull must be shitting!

<<<<<<<<<<Flash Back - Before Closure in 2005>>>>>>>>>>>>

Is this the reason for the closure?

1 comment:

Michael Tadashi said...

Knowing the truth behind the lies always help to prevent misleading comments like this.
I am not criticizing the post but it is not fair to say so.

The "official reason" of the closing of the Canopy Walkway for more than one year is "due to safety reason", and some claimed it was termites. That was just another beautiful excuse given by the Malaysia government that you and I know well, to cover the laughable truth. Ask some of the hill residents and they will tell you the real story behind. From there, you will know where our tax money goes.

As for your safety concern, don't worry, it is safe all the while. If you don't think so, you may ask the Forestry or the JKR, "Was I risking my life walking on the Canopy Walkway which was not safe-guaranteed for the two years before it was closed?"