Saturday, April 14, 2007

No one can outrun their destiny

Long time ago, human was very sad. All the animals gathered and asked human….

Animals : Hi man, you are very sad. We like to help you. Ask whatever and we will help you.
Man : I want to have sharp eyes.
Vulture : Ok, you can have sharp eyes like me.
Man : I want to be strong.
Leopard : Ok, you can be strong like me.
Man : I want to know the long secret of earth.
Serpent : Ok, you can have that. You can burrow everywhere to learn the secret of earth.

When human got all the gifts, the owl….

Owl : Now man knows so much.
Deer : Yes, I am glad his sadness has gone.
Owl : No, deep inside, man still has a hole. He will continue to fill the hole. He will take and take. One day the world will have nothing to take….

The movie Apocalyto is an Academy Award-nominated 2006 film directed by Mel Gibson. It is an interesting movie about the Maya civilization. The above story (which I roughly reconstructed above) was told by the wise man to his tribe. It tells us that man cannot fill up that hole. He will continue to take and take from mother earth. He will continue with his lust to take. Unless we heed the advise, we will be heading for doom. That is our destiny if we do not slow down the process. Do you have a hole?

No one can outrun their destiny is one of the movie taglines. How right it will be! Go and watch the movie.

BTW, I have learned that the giant ants can be used for stitching wound. See the movie to learn about it.

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pipit said...

If you try to outrun your destiny, at some point you must reach it in order to pass it.

However, can you miss it by not trying hard enough?