Saturday, October 07, 2006

Meddling with Nature

I read with skepticism on the conditioning of tigers with lithium chloride added mutton (The Star, 5 Oct, 2006). Apparently the mutton injected with the salt caused irritant and the tigers threw up several hours later. The next day the tigers did not eat the fresh mutton although it wasn’t laced.
After that successful experiment, the professor in physics and philosophy from a University in Ohio will proceed to do the same with tigers in the wild in Malaysia. This time beef will be used. The story continues in a jungle somewhere in Malaysia….

Anak Tiger : Mama, mama why are you vomiting?
Mama Tiger : Don’t kacau kacau mama, I ate a piece of delicious and aromatic beef and I have been vomiting for the last hour.
Anak Tiger : Mama I am hungry. I want to eat.
Mama Tiger : No…food. Sorry baby, I couldn’t find any animal in the jungle. Our home had been logged and there were many “san tai wongs”(logging trucks) plying up and down the jungle. All our favorite food like wild boars, kancils and even monkeys were gone.
Anak Tiger : Where have they gone? Mama, ma…ma….(crying..)
Mama Tiger : Don’t cry baby, I have tried very hard to find food.... Many of the animals were hunted by poachers, logging workers and the illegal immigrant workers too.
Anak Tiger : Mama, I am hungry. Please go to the village and get the big buffalo for me!
Mama Tiger : What? You still want to eat the buffalo after I have vomited them. I am sick now baby.
Anak Tiger : What should I do mama? I am hungry.
Mama Tiger : Please don’t cry baby….. There are no more animal in the jungle, no more meat….. but only lousy tasting buffaloes and cattle in the village.
Anak Tiger : Mama I got an idea.
Mama Tiger : What is that?
Anak Tiger : The human take away our food source so I think it should be alright if we eat the human lor!!! Can ah?

And so the day will come when more tigers will be killing humans and more tigers will be killed. In the end, the tiger will pupus (extinct). And man shall live happily forever; your children and grand children will be free from man-eaters

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pipit said...

Not to worry. US scientists are great especially if from Ohio University. They can clone tigers, so in future, we can still have tigers. Not only that, in future they can manipulate the tiger genes to get rid of all aggression so that tigers can be household pets. Think of it! Our grandchildren can play with tigers at home! We can feed the tigers rice and other leftovers just like dogs. So good lah! We are all becoming like Gods.