Friday, May 16, 2008

RoadKills - It really KILLS ok

How often do you travel on the road in Malaysia?
In Malaysia, the rate of roadkills is alarming. Twenty years ago, roadkills were not many. But today, on a trip from Penang to Kelantan, one cannot help to see the pitiful roadkills. They range from rare animals to common one.
So much anger and publicity were generated when about 20 youths died in the National Service.
A week journey from Penang to Kelantan and back already claimed 10 animals - but nobody care a hood about them.
Our animals are migrating! Migrating because ....
Forests and jungles are being logged.
Roads being built in the middle of their homes.
Food are diminshing because human are destroying their habitats.
Proachers are separating their mates.
Global warming caused by human hasten the migration.
Are we not aware? Are we not care?
We have the power to do something but we choose to ignore.
We can build passages under the highway.
We can put more signs on the road.
Our roads can bypass pristine jungles but we are greedy because there are timbers.
Just because animals are animals and they are not their children, the lawmakers couldn't careless. They are creation of God and shouldn't we care for them too?

A 8-foot Python


Slow Loris

Monitor Lizard

Civet Cat

An unidentified snake

Wild boar

Masked Palm Civet

Another Masked Palm Civet


“Always be kind to dumb animals. Cruelty is one of the most hateful vices, and matured nations are trying to put an end to it. When people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to one another. As human nature ripens, there will be more kindness, sympathy and pity. Some horses and dogs are worthy of our respect as well as of our kindness. Some dogs are more sensitive and intelligent than some men. They have character, but they are handicapped by dumbness. If your dog could talk, you would be surprised at what he knows”.- Herbert N. Casson

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