Monday, May 26, 2008

Deplorable Sungai Pinang

Have you taken a peep at our river lately? Well, never mind, I will show you then. I will start from Botanic Gardens until the river mouth of Sungai Pinang. Then you tell me whether we need to do something about it.....or just make don't know.
I will include google map to pinpoint the location of each picture (click on the link to see the map).
Sungai Air Terjun is one of the tributeries of Sungai Pinang. This photo-essay will only based on Sungai Air Terjun joining to Sungai Pinang until the estuary.

The first picture just outside the perimeter of Botanic Gardens taken at the Coronation camp (now a Bamboo garden).

In front of Moon Gate. Some rubbish appearing on the bank.

Background is Penang Natukottai Chettiar Waterfall Temple beside the exit of Youth Park. The river is a dumping ground.

As you enter from Jalan Utama into Youth Park, there is a well kept landscape on your left beside the Sungai Air Terjun. Yes, the small garden-cum-landscape is excellent. However, whatever rubbish, twigs and trimmings can be found beside the river bank. Who is the culprit?

Just when you think that rubbish are the product of squatters and the illiterate, I found that the rich also contribute to the problem. One of the house at Jesselton Road. Do you know that there are two pumps drawing water from the river into the race course? Is it legal?

This picture taken near the Race Course, not far from Georgetown Public Library (near Kompleks Penyayang). Bungalows (Skipton Pavilion) were built very near the river. Is it legal? Some plastic bags seen floating on the river curteousy of the foreign construction workers.

Behind the Georgetown Public Library. Ok this section was quite clean. But....see the next picture.....

A rubbish trap just before the river enters Governor's Residence. Rubbish! So I can assume that rubbish has been thrown from houses from Waterfall Road till Jesselton Road to this rubbish trap.

Clean water with no rubbish as it exit the Governor's Residence. The spotted whites in the picture were leaves. A contractor (to water street plants) was seen pumping water to his mini lorry at this vicinity.

Between Jalan Ross and Jalan York, a guy was seen catching fish. A bungalow being built right to the edge of the river. Is there no law on building bungalow on river banks?

Rubbish all over the river - near the Naduthurai Sri Devi Karumariamman Temple (off Air Itam Road / York Road). Just upstream, a local was seen washing clothes.

So far you have seen the Sungai Air Terjun with clear water. But rubbish continued to be thrown into the river from the squatters (who have been living there for years) around. I don't see any rubbish dump and that could be the reason why they disposed into the river.

The confluence of Sungai Pinang and Sungai Air Terjun at the famous location called dobi. Sungai Air Terjun disappears into dark polluted water. Bottom right is Sungai Air Terjun.

Somewhere between Jalan Langkawi and Jalan Gopeng off Jalan Air Itam.

Squatters discharging rubbish near city stadium.

Lorong Kulit.

Jalan Perak opposite Masjid Rawana. Kitchen waste flows into Sungai Pinang.

Squatter along the river at Kampung Sungai Pinang. On the day of my survey, a new squatter hut was being built and yet nothing to stop it.

Behind Japanese School. Probably caretaker for the school. Shame isn't it with the amount of rubbish?

Kampung Rawa - where rubbish is the decorative?

Rubbish trap at Kampung Rawa. We are actually not solving the problem by trapping rubbish at down stream. We should nip them at the source!!!

Another view of the rubbish trap at Kampung Rawa. The money to hire contractors to collect rubbish from the traps should be instead be used to collect rubbish from rubbish bins (by providing rubbish bins to all household/squatters) Nip the problem at the SOURCE!

The heavily polluted drain beside Sungai Pinang Tamil School that flows into Sungai Pinang.

Rubbish trap at the polluted drain.

Rubbish below the bridge of Jelutong expressway. Look at the water - as black as charcoal. No fish can survive here.

It was high tide at the estuary. The sea brought in clear sea water. Rubbish can be seen. If you observe the google map, the esplanade has not been built yet.

What we should do to save our river:-
1. No squatter and building along river reserves - action by JPS.
2. Fine the squatter and building owners that has rubbish near their houses - action by JPS and MPPP.
3. All kitchen wastes should be treated before discharging into the river - action MPPP.
4. Demolish all newly built squatters and houses along river reserves - action JPS.
5. Appoint River Rangers (community leader from the locality) to monitor and upkeep the river banks and cleanliness - action JPS/MPPP.
and YOU to help


lktan_sinee said...

Great job, bring up awareness and action.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Get authorities to give fine to those who litters into our beautiful nature. Tourists are disgusted with the rubbish thrown around. Now with all waterfalls closed due to the disease, its time that we do something about it. Treat the water and make it better for everyone and our next generation. Poor fishes are dying and yet everyone are not educated on it. Why do ppl cook with a stove at a waterfall? Or bath in the rivers with shampoo? Or throw the styrofoam boxes and plastic bags which are not bio-degradable and pollutes the place? Hence, rats will appear, causing such diseases as kencing tikus.