Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Logging in Penang State Park?

In Penang, there is a national park called Penang National Park at Teluk Bahang.

Bukit Panchor State Penang is the first state park declared on 9 Aug 2007. Another state park at Pulau Jerejak is on the pipeline.

State parks are governed by the state whereas the national parks are protected by the federal government. Development and logging are strictly disallowed in far as I know until now.

But right here at Bukit Panchor State Park you could see logs right at the park headquarter. Is there logging? You tell me.

Observe carefully, you could see blue marking lines to indicate the size of the log.
More logs.
The modus operandi of actual logging are those of arranged logs, diameter measurements and certain length for logs.
If there is indeed logging, I hope our present Penang State Government will benefit from the sale. Or is there any hanky panky? So, is there logging in the Penang State Park?
Hope someone from Forestry could answer this.

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