Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hurray - They Were Booted

Environment activists will be happy that the previous unfriendly environment state government under BN was booted in the General Election held yesterday, 8 March 2008. A new chapter of politicians from the opposition will rule Penang for 5 years. We hope this new state government will not be arrogant, sombong and vengeance seeking.

It started sometime in 2003 when I showcase a website with all the ills, eyesores and environment damages done to our present Penang National Park. I was hunted for blogging on their wrong doings. Instead of rectifying their wrongs, the BN environment portfolio began a witch hunt for me.

See the newspaper cuttings below. Unfortunately, the news was taken up only by the Chinese papers.

It was summarized as, “The Education Department of Penang denied that Forest Ang is a teacher from Penang. The Education Department was asked to take action on me by the Wildlife Department because of the pictorial article on the Dirtiest National Park of Penang.” They can take action on me because as a Government's servant, I am not allow to talk. And it is with such ruling, the governing departments kept detrimentating the national agenda....and because there are stupid fishes.

My blog showed proof of the actual scenario but here in Penang, whatever ugly the management of natural resources, you must not mention about it. You have no right although you are a citizen and a stakeholder. They are the "Rajas". They are the "almighty" of the jungle. They can do what they want. They have the license to "destroy". You shall not speak or you will be "silenced". They play "God".

Here are some articles from my blog on some of the past bad-things done by the previous elected state representatives from the BN.

My original story on the harassment here.

On shooting crow:

Wasting money on campaign on Wood Museum that never materialize:

Destruction of Penang Hill:

Penang Hill Canopy Walkway – built, abandoned, then Ok.

The above were some of the stupidest policy, campaign and bad-for-environment governance in my home state Penang. Go through all my articles and you will find more reasons to boot out the previous state government. Hurray they are gone now!

Welcome DAP to an uncorrupted governance. Can you? We, the environment bloggers and activists will be keeping watch on you from now on.

A friendly advise – we can vote you in and we can also boot you out.

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