Monday, November 05, 2007

Filthy Penang

Crows shooting in Penang. Read the story below. Click to enlarge.

Birds are the natural indicator of our environment. When you have more crows than other birds, then I can correctly predict that there is lots of rubbish around.

Crows feed on throwaway, discarded food, leftovers and even carcasses - yunno like the dead dog on the road. Who would want to clean up the dead dog - the council trash contractors? No, it was the crows. In fact the crows are the nature, unpaid, God-sent-servants, to clean the messes.

So why shoot them?

Well, everywhere in the world - even in country with snow, you can see crows. In some countries, the population of the crows is less while for some, a culling need to be done. In Penang, apparently the population has exploded.

Is there an alternative?

Yes. Clean environment. Proper management of rubbish. Waste less. And you could control the population.

Yes. God also sent another natural control for crows. The Koels. They are the cuckoos which will raid crows’ nests and deposit their own eggs. The crows will naturally feed the young hatchings not knowing they were Koels’. In this way, the population of crows will be under control.

See, nature always has a way to control. Human always come and spoilt it.

I am wondering how the 15 marksmen will be able to differential the Koels from the Crows! Both are black. Both having the same size. Except the Koels have RED eyes. For RM2.2o per bird, they could be shooting whatever that’s black!

"When people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to one another"- Herbert N. Casson

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