Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Birding Trip in Peru

Ecotourism needs the support of the local communities. And this is one project that I find quite an idea. No, I am not taking part to join the free trip. I just love this man's idea of promoting ecotourism for the conservation of nature.
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It is no joke! You can actually get a birding trip in Peru for FREE. The idea is to promote community birding tourism initiatives and by giving away some free trips (14 trips in total still available) it will hopefully bring the sufficient PR to the area so that both the sustainability of the give-away and the future as birding destination is secured.

The Manu itinerary is supporting the communities in the threatened (by oil exploit, mining and logging) Amarakaeri Communal reserve. The itinerary goes down the Alto Madre de Dios and Madre de Dios rivers to the Macaw lick and Giant Otter Cocha at Blanquillo, just like any other birding/nature tour circuit in the area. Four different community lodges are used instead of more well known lodges.

The other itinerary is located in th Central Peru combining two itineraries Carpish and Satipo road into one concentrating on the highlights of both areas. It is the idea that it sometime during 2010 will be possible to do the trip without camping, as the communities are investing in lodging oportunities for birders. We'd like to support these efforts by sending many groups immediately.

Giving a way free trips like this, to people able to spread the word of these areas, should benefit both hopefully very fast, so that the communities don't get bored with eco-tourism and conservation before we start.

It is all explained in my regular blog.

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