Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Penang State Parks

Today, I read in the paper, that Bukit Panchor and Pulau Jerejak are now designated as state parks.

Ten years ago, I would have been jumping with joy when Bukit Panchor and Pulau Jerejak should be declared state parks. Not today, not now!

The declaration spells more developments - like moving city into the jungle! More developments meant more trees to cut, more infrastructures, more woods to use, more people will be visiting them, more buildings, more 10 percent stories, more wastages and more I don't-know!

Please don't get me wrong. I have not indicated that I am against the state parks. I am only giving my opinion that in Bolehland, "everything also can!" They said, "Build as you like". Contractors 'F' will be laughing to their banks. I am not against them making money but the management of these natural resources will be "build as you please"! "We just want state parks, just like other states"! "We will do anything for 10 percent"! "After all we got the budget"!

And the story goes.....

Bolehland : Now we have state parks!

Contractors : Yes, now I can help build infrastructures at state parks to attract visitors.

Bolehland : Yes, you can build more roads into the forests so that those cannot walk can also visit the forests. You should build bigger information and interpretive buildings. And don't forget to build 5-stars toilets....nevermind about first, that one can "belakang kira"! And don't "BOCOR lagi"....if not Sunny Value will give another multi million bill for repairs again!

Contractors : Ok boss, don't worry about the 10 percent....I will "Kau tim"

Taxpayers: (stratching we have to pay more taxes)

Are you happy that Penang finally got her state parks?

As for me, I am very happy...but with reservation! You?

Let's wait and see the consequences of having state parks vs recreational forests!

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pipit said...

Contractors may benefit, but I do not think it will be popular as a place to visit - too far away and too many leeches. Waste of time and money if you ask me.